Email Lists/Newsletters

  • Email marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Content

Updating your clients with industry information is a good way to maintain communication and show your ongoing professional education. Whether through an email list , traditional mailed newsletter, or blog, reminding your clients about changes to your industry or upcoming deadlines can help encourage them to connect with you for additional services.

Client Surveys

  • Survey administration
  • Audience reporting

Providing a way for your clients to provide anonymous feedback gives your firm valuable insight into their experience with you, and can help you continue what you’re doing well as a firm and work on what you’re not doing so well. We can create both online and mailed surveys to fit your business needs and clients.

Case Studies/Testimonials

  • Written case studies
  • Quote libraries
  • Video case studies

Case studies and testimonials are powerful marketing tools that professional service firms should use to their advantage, but depending on the industry, there are restrictions on how testimonials and cases studies can be used for marketing purposes. We’re here to help guide you through those restrictions so your firm can add authenticity to your marketing efforts.