Branding/Look and Feel

  • Logo creation
  • Consistency development
  • Color and font choice
  • Marketing materials

Creating a unique look and feel can make the difference between another firm and yours.  Most professional service firms don’t have a consistent brand– but should. You care about building a successful practice, and in that process you create a brand. Honor that brand by having a look and feel that conveys who you are and what you do.

Client Relationship Materials

  • Custom welcome materials
  • Ongoing engagement update materials
  • End of engagement materials

The best firms have consistent communication with clients about both their current engagements and other ways the firm might be able to help them. When you work with a new client or existing client, they should always be informed and excited about working with you. You’re there to help them. We work with firms to develop custom packets of information to create the best possible client experience.

Client Education Materials

  • Engagement timelines
  • Subject guides
  • Presentation design

An educated client is a good client. When a client understands what you are working on for them, they ask smarter questions and are easier to work with. Additionally, providing branded take home information gets your logo and name into their home or office and solidifies their connection to your firm.